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Scholarship recipient
NIcholas Pennington


Hello Ms. Bell,

It is my honor to display to you my level of appreciation as the NBMMF Scholarship. I really believe God worked through you to bless me with this scholarship. I have been an athlete my entire life. However, as mentioned in my essay, that was brought to a halt my senior year. My senior season was suppose to be “my season” as a lot of athletes with great potential would say. I went to several camps the summer prior to my injury to prepare for the college attention I was expecting. However, when my injury was brought alone, all the preparation was done in vain; so I thought. Through you and your son, I felt a sum of gratitude. All the work didn’t seem worthless to me anymore. Now as an entering freshman of UAB, I plan to play football; if I can be cleared to play contact sports, as a walk-on. While at UAB I will major in biology and minor in business to soon become an Orthopedic Surgeon and own my own practice. Through this award I believe I’ve been bless with much more than $1,000. I feel, through your son, Nick Bell’s dream, my dream now has deeper meaning. I will always remember his dream when and if my dream ever seems like it may fail, or not be what I want. I have been blessed with an amazing thing and promise to do my part of God’s vision to makes sure his vision for my life, becomes a reality.

– With much love and gratitude, Nicholas J. Pennington

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