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"More Than Just A Game"


The Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation established in 2011 as a continuing tribute to the memory of Nicholas Bell. The Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation provides support to children, teens, and young adults via mentorship, scholarships and other programs to help foster success in every area of life.


The Mission of the Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation: is to develop and fund innovative programs for young people that provide academic enrichment and promote the importance of discipline, determination, and excellence in character as essential ingredients for a successful life.


Guided by the principles that shaped the character of Nick Bell, the foundation strategically targets its efforts and resources to:

  • Promote the importance of Living Your Dream, not just passively observing from the sidelines of life.

  • Develop and fund academic enrichment and character building programs which support the efforts of our young people in becoming

  • the best person they can be and doing the best they can do… always and in all things.

  • Create opportunities, through mentorship, for young people to “see” who and what they desire to become • because we know the best way to teach and influence is by example.

  • Provide guidance that will lead young people to discover the knowledge that each of them has a gift on the • inside to draw from and achieve their goals.

  • Support programs which promote cultural diversity and respect for all people.

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