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A Message to Foundation Supporters from Linda Bell


My son was a very positive and compassionate young man. He also had a great sense of humor. He would always ask people to use his full name- Nick Bell, because to him, you could not say Nick without the Bell. Along with being a funny and happy young man, Nick was fearlessly kind to others, offering a smile to everyone he met. To honor my son’s memory, I want to empower other young people to become confident, kind, and generous men and women.


Nick was passionate about his God. He believed that God is love and the foundation is steering all of its efforts from my son’s core belief of sharing that love through a vision to help build hope, character, and determination in the lives of young people.


Academic excellence, good morals, a strong work ethic, and love for people are the qualities that made my son the extraordinary young man he was. To mentor and give young people all across this country the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and become leaders in the workplace and in their communities is the goal of the Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation. We need to let our young people know- in ways they can measure- that someone cares for them and believes in them beyond their own households.


I, and all of us at the foundation, thank you for your prayers and continued financial support.


Linda Bell

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