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Tackling Character: 
a character education playbook

The Character Education Partnership finds that understanding, embracing and acting upon for ethical values such as respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and caring is what character education is all about. If students are to make good, sound judgments, it can only come as a result of good character - 'it's what you do when no one is looking.' Students must learn good character from somewhere, something, or someone, and in concert with one's own family, education is a system that can be used as a vessel to achieve that good character. 

The Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation has partnered with Dr. Samantha Elliott Briggs to develop an original character education curriculum that will take the words from Nick's heart and instill them in school-aged children throughout Alabama. 

Tackling Character is a comprehensive character education program - or "playbook" if you will - filled with creative lesson plans and curriculum ideas that will provide teachers with a 9-month plan to incorporate character building words and phrases into the existing school day.

It is our hope that positive character development will result in an increase in positive behavior, a positive school climate and ultimately more positive student outcomes.

The Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation's Tackling Character: A Character Education Playbook will target PK-12 students. This easy to use curriculum will be organized around the 9-month school year. Each monthly unit will focus on one character education word and will include the following elements:

  • One new lesson for each week

  • Worksheets that can be copied for student use

  • Suggestions for weekly and daily cross-curricular extensions

  • A list of notable quotes related to the word that can be displayed in classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, on bulletin boards or outdoor marquees

  • Suggested reading materials, games, videos and other resources that can be used to enhance the lessons

  • Pre/Post surveys for students and teachers

  • School and community climate surveys that will help enhance program development

For more information contact: 

Linda Bell, CEO/Founder

The Nick Bell Mentoring Memorial Foundation


6670 Highway 75

​Pinson,  AL 35126

Phone: 205-516-8985


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