Education based on Enhancing Intellectual Growth, Leadership Development And Character Maturity

A Proposal For The Nick Bell Character Education Training Curriculum To Be Taught In The Classroom Daily.Education based on Enhancing Intellectual Growth, Leadership Development And Character Maturity. This type of character training will not only set boundaries but increases the child’s level of thinking and forward thinking with creative thought and ideas. This brings hope for a life that is better than what they might be living and gives them value and self worth. Because of the ” I am ” method of teaching all of these character traits the students will began to own them and realize this is who they are. School maybe the only environment that children can hear something positive about themselves. This is a group and a classroom effort but it gives attention to each child individually by them making it personal, etc ” I Have Self-Control “. What do children want more than anything,ATTENTION. Because the students are being taught these values in an environment where they are responsible to learn; in the class room, they have to take ownership of the information being taught because they will be responsible to reproduce this information in the form of tests.

Then we can teach them to say this is who I am by standing and pledging that they are responsible, self controlled, kind and all that character training will teach them. There are children who’s only relief could be the class room. Because we don’t offer concern towards our children’s hearts our troubled children are attracted to the streets because they don’t feel like they have an alternative. The streets offers them a kind word, a pair of sneakers, money and even a hug. then they end up paying for that attention with childhood sex, drug abuse and a false sense of family, gangs . All of these things are to their detriment, because the more the world gives them the more of themselves they loose until they loose their way totally or permanently.

When a person looses all they have to give and feel they can’t loose anything else, then they begin to take from others. They will take other people’s possessions, their lives even their own lives. But if we start in kindergarten and elementary school teaching our children that they are leaders and not followers, that they are confident, respectful, thoughtful, kind, they have self control, self discipline, respect for others and that they can reach their potential. Guess what as they begin to learn this who they are, they will start to believe it and they will start to ACTING LIKE IT.!!!!! Not only will they be successful, but everyone connected to them will be encouraged and benefit. Even their family at home, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents.

BECAUSE “How You Choose To Live Your Life Matters” and it makes a difference. It makes a difference in all our lives.

The course will only require one planning book that copies can be made for the students.The student will need a ring binder to put the copies in or there can be individual books manufactured for the kids. Because these will be workbooks they will not be reusable. It would be beneficial for the kids to keep this information to reflect on. This type of instruction is intended to be very personal because this is the beginning of the students finding out not just who they are and how to live best with others but who they are intended to become.